Bubble Tea . Vietnamese . Smoothies . Snacks

Mon. - Sat. 10:00am - 10pm
Sun. 10:30am - 9pm

Ever had Boba or
Bubble Tea? I hadn’t.

Now I love a good Pho!
If you know Pho (soup),
you know,
it’s a great pick me up
(a go to in my drinking days)
Know what I mean?
Now I have it for
a wellness boost,
with all it’s nutrients
(veggies, herbs and spices)
in a steaming hot broth.
It does the trick every time.
Boba or Bubble tea?
I knew little or nothing about it
till we moseyed into a quaint
little bustling bubble tea cafe.

A scrumptious
locally owned spot,
since 2015,
Rustic Bubble Tea Cafe
on Juan Tabo/Lomas.
It is run and owned by
Huy Nguyen,
a sweet, friendly and
overworked guy.
He does ALL the prep
and ALL the cooking.
Huy has been developing
his craft and recipes
for decades.
Perfection takes time.
His mentors
have been many,
including his mom.
I guess that’s where
the rustic comes in.
I would call it
classic or traditional,
yet the cafe is
mostly contemporary
with the bubble tea.
Bubble tea also known as
pearl milk tea, bubble milk tea,
Boba juice, Boba tea, or simply
Boba originated in Taiwan
in the early 80’s
at a small tea stand.
At the time, milk tea was a
common drink in East Asia.
Shaved ice and tapioca pearls
(the tapioca is more dense
than a typical
“American” style tapioca)
were common desserts.
During one hot summer,
the little tea stand owner
went big and decided to
combine all three. Voila!
A new worldwide
fad was born.
The cafe offers two teas,
milk or green-16oz. or 24oz.
Start there,
then pick a flavor like -
lavender, cherry/lime,
yogurt, green apple...
choose from
over 100 flavor options.

Instead of tea
you can start with
juice, smoothie or
slushy also -
lots of fruits and flavors
(guava, plum, avocado...)
from which to choose.
Tea, juice, smoothies
and slushies
scream for add ons,
what’s the point if not.

Choose from: “The Classics”-
Aloe Vera (my Fav, real aloe),
Boba (tapioca pearls of several
vibrant colors and flavors),
Egg pudding (a dense texture,
combination of jello and custard,
looks like caramel jello squares)
or Crystal Boba.
Other than the “Classics”
you can choose from “Jelly” and
“Bursting” (my second fav,
round pearls that burst
refreshing spurts of flavor)
9 flavors like -
lychee, yogurt, blueberry...

Not kidding! Good times!
There are sooo
many combinations
you could probably go a year
and never have the same drink!
OR you could be like me
and get hooked on one drink
and order it over and over,
every time.

Bubble drink solved.

Want just a little snack
or a full healthy meal?
They accommodate both--

Great Pho! Small (big)
and Large (huge)
might be fun to share and
PERFECT for take-out.
Choose up to 3 toppings -
Meatball (Bo Vien), Brisket (Gau),
Tripe (Sach), Flank (Nam),
Rare Steak (Tai), Tendon (Gan).
ALSO chicken(Ga).
Huy has a secret ingredient
that I couldn’t figure out,
but he uses NO MSG.
Lots of “tapas” type snacks.

Spring rolls
(the biggest I’ve ever had
and always a must for
the “pick me up” agenda)

Popcorn chicken
(battered with ground
sweet potato) yum,
the Manzano crowd fav,
edamame, calamari,
fried tofu or
wings-5, 10, 15 or 20wings,
choose from classic BBQ,
sweet Asian Chili,
original Buffalo, Teriyaki or
Vietnamese style
(mild, medium or hot)
sweet potato or french fries
(spicy chili, Cajun, or ranch).

Want a full meal?
Go with the healthy
Vietnamese options:
Rice dishes and
Vermicelli Bowls,
both with tons of vegetables.
Of course you can always
order the Pho.

They have several dessert
options as well:
funnel cake fries,
gelato, sorbet,
or fried bananas.

Call ahead, take it out, eat in.
I know I will do all three
depending on my mood.

840 Juan Tabo ste.B
SE Corner of Lomas/Juan Tabo
(505) 505-1813